April 2020


For the first few months of the year the children have been busy studying in preparation for their final school exams. During weekends the children have been participating in activities such as tie-dyeing, drawing and painting pictures.


 They also have been attending dance rehearsals to practice their traditional Thai dancing in preparation and readiness to perform for all cyclists that will come to Baan Than Namchai.


The children are aware and very thankful of what the cyclists do for them and it is important for them to show their appreciation. The best way they can do this is by sharing their crafts with them as well as performing traditional Thai dances which they are very dedicated to learning.


Coming up the children were looking forward to was welcoming the cyclists from DGR rider on 12 April and the Novartis team from 27-29 April 2020. However because of the implications of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak both these events have had to be postponed. The children are keenly waiting to welcome these riders to show their appreciation and share in their happiness at their accomplishments. We whole BTN community pray that the COVID-19 pandemic passes quickly.


Due to local curfew announcements from the Thai Government, the children are currently unable to go outside of the home. To counteract this, the staff have prepared fun and engaging activities for the children, such as making masks for themselves and to also give to the hospital. They bake bread for snacks and plant vegetables in recycled products we have at Baan Than Namchai, that the children have decorated in bright and fun colours and patterns.