Date Founded

1996 (by Duang Prateep Foundation)

Story of the beginning

In 1996, The Duang Prateep Foundation established the New Life Project in Kanchanaburi Province, for children and young women who face problems from both their families and society to rehabilitate, restore the children’s lives and mental health in a safer and happier environment.

The children at the New Life Project Kanchanaburi are categorized as follows:

  1. Children abandoned by their families
  2. Street children and children from the Slums of Bangkok
  3. Children kidnapped or exploited by gangsters
  4. Children abused mentally and/or sexually by family or close relatives 
  5. Children physically attacked
  6. Children addicted to drugs

The project provides assistance to children who have been subjected to mental and physical abuse. The project employs a “natural” rehabilitation method for abuse children, for example planting and nurturing fruits tress, growing vegetables. In cases where medical or psychiatric assistance is needed, the project employs or consults trained professionals to support their recovery and growth. Assistance is also provided to children and young students who lack ID documents (e.g. birth certificates, house registration documents).

This home is full of love and the children are able to live a life of choice thanks to the tireless work of the staff and Foundation. 

Home Director

Ms. Prateep Ungsongtham Hata

Number of Children

66 children

How Hands has helped

Hands has supported Kanchanaburi since November 2010 and provides about 60% of the expenses for food, transportation, school uniforms, medical care, kids welfare and allowance, staff welfare etc. Additional funding comes through government grants and the work of the Duang Prateep Foundation.