Date Founded 

1986 (by Duang Prateep Foundation)

Story of the beginning

The project is a “natural” method to help in the physical and mental rehabilitation of children and young boys who have been abandoned, abused, addicted to drugs, detained ( and released ) for involvement in criminal activities and otherwise deprived of a normal family life and upbringing. The problem in children and youth today is that they are becoming more violent and complex as a result of their living situations and past history.

New Life Project provides boys with a second chance.  They learn skills such as farming and how to live and work together. Boys will typically spend three years at the project, undertaking vocational training, agricultural work and conventional schooling. The home provides them with the support to enable them to return to their families and be useful members of society.

When you visit the home, the boys take great pride in showing you around the beautiful property showing off their amazing vegetation, farm animals and they are partial to a game of soccer with visitors. They usually win hands down!

Home Director

Ms. Prateep Ungsongtham Hata

Number of children 

27 currently living at Chumphon 

How Hands has helped

Through the generous support of Hands Across the Water, donations cover about 60% of the expenses for food, transportation, school uniforms, medical care, kids welfare and allowance, staff welfare etc. Additional funding is provided by the Duang Prateep Foundation as well as government grants.