Parkin came to the Baan Tharn Namchai when he was only three days old at a request from the local hospital due to issues that arose after his birth.  Baan Than Namchai provides him with all that he needs and many hands exist to give him the love and 24 hour care he requires. Parkin turned 2 years old in early 2019. He likes to talk and will ask what things are and will repeat the answer from the teacher and caretaker. He likes listening to music, singing and when the chance arises loves watching cartoons. 



Ninja’s parents faced financial hardship that resulted from medical problems experienced that prevented full time work.  Baan Tharn Namchai has provided a safe home for Ninja whilst also supporting the family with work as the opportunity presents.  It’s hoped that as the family returns finds strength they will be once again able to live independent of the care that is currently provided by BTN.



Snow is the perfect name for this little doll as she really does look just like snow white! Snow is a very healthy and smiley baby and loves when people play with her. She came to Baan Tharn Namchai under the recommendation from the Social Development and Human Security services of Phang-Nga province.  Baan Than Namchai gladly accepted her as one of our children and she is very much loved and admired by all.Snow has attended preschool. She is a happy girl, who is always smiling and likes music or noises. She also likes colors and enjoys it when people play with her. She is very smart and a quick learner.


Kao Pan

The orphan and family protection services in Phang-Nga province coordinated with Baan Than Namchai Foundation to provide childcare for Kao-Pan because of a parental absence which is not expected to be short term.  Kao Pan will remain at the home until the time comes that he can be reunited with his parents or extended family members, until that time arrives he is a loved member of the BTN family.



Navin is one of the youngest babies and has the most beautiful and pleasant temperament. He is a very happy boy who is always smiling and enjoys cuddles from everyone. Navin originally came to Baan Tharn Namchai after issues arose that prevented his mother from providing care for him.  BTN will provide the ongoing care required until his mother is in a position in which she can again provide appropriate care for Navin.  


Phu Khao 

Phu Khao came to Baan Home Hug at the request of the Government due to significant problems that the parents face that prevent them from providing care for Phu Khao.  Sadly this situation is not a short term solution due to the issues faced by the parents and the lack of extended family who have capacity to care for him.   Phu Khao will grow up in the loving family that is Home Hug.  For now, he will receive the support and care that he needs, the opportunities in life that all children deserve. 



Nan’s family face significant financial and medical issues that prevents them for providing a standard of care for Nan at this current time.  She was missing out on an education and we know that is so important.   Nan has dreams and wants to help her family because she’s their only hope. Nan wants to be Finance officer for PAMA House. She dreams of having a bigger house for her family because their house roof is broken and that she can give her family a better life. Nan is studying Bachelor of Business Administration Management now at a university and she wants to come back to PAMA House and help look after the children when she graduates. 


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