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The last 18 months of the journey with Hands have been the toughest without question.  It seems the thing that we have excelled at the most is cancelling events.  We use to excel at running meaningful experiences that gave individuals a journey, a story, a time in their life or a time of their life.  But through no fault of our own those days are gone - for a while longer at least.  There was what we know now a false peak earlier this year when we thought the worst was behind us, but we needed to regroup and commit again to the challenge before us.  But together we can meet the challenge and I am inspired each day by random acts of the Hands community who demonstrate their commitment.  

However, what is becoming abundantly clear is the challenge before us will not be over when borders open once again.  I have a scary sense of what lies before us is a repeat of the humanitarian crisis that followed the Boxing Day tsunami.  It is the vulnerable who will suffer the most and we are already seeing the evidence in Thailand of that impact.  Families who were living on the edge, just getting by, just having enough to eat on most days, are the ones who quickly become the silent victims.  Young mums unable to care for themselves, let alone their children, the grandparents unable to provide for the children they are now responsible for they are all forced to make decisions many of us simply cannot comprehend.  

The tail of this crisis will be a long one.  If the destruction to the family unit repeats what we saw after 2004, then the job is before us.  The difference is in 2021 there is a community which has been built since 2005 who have demonstrated they care and they are willing to support the children of communities in another country, children they will never meet, but children they agree are no less deserving of a decent shot at life.  That is the Hands community and we are readying ourselves to meet the challenge that is coming our way.  

Whilst we can't come together and ride the roads of Thailand just yet, we can come together and ride, run or walk our local roads in support of the kids.  We've launched the September 100k challenge to raise $100k.  I invite you to join me in the challenge.  It's free to sign up, no minimum fundraising but it's a demonstration that you care and you're with us.  If the challenge is not for you but a donation of $25 is within your reach then I would appreciate any contributions as I commit to run a 100k for the kids in my part of raising $100k. 

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Thank you Peter. Lead the Way!




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Just enjoying a prawn roll as I make this donation. Nundle bowling club comes to mind.


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Bravo to you and your community Peter.


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Good luck mate


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