The photo above is from the last ride I did....there was a lot of discomfort...but I am getting back on the bike!

I am riding 500km in 5 days to raise money to support the ongoing work of Hands Across the Water because every child deserves opportunities in life.....opportunities to be fed, cared for and educated (and of course loved).

Hands Across the Water supports 350+ children living in 7 homes and projects across Thailand. The charity started out addressing the needs of kids who didn't have homes or access to food, clothing and medicine.

As the kids have grown and matured, the focus has shifted to education and future employment opportunities.

Today, access to new and exciting opportunities for the kids is just as important as a loving home and a belly full of healthy food. (And many kids helped by Hands have gone on to study law or teaching or start their own business, contributing to their own communities).

Your donation will help provide a high standard of care, a chance at a better education and a future that they never envisioned. (It's such a wonderful thing...)

100% of your donation will go straight to the kids and their communities in Thailand with not one cent spent on administration or marketing. (Gotta love that!) Maureen Pound