Chris Henry

This March I’m riding 500km in 5 days in Thailand for an important Charity called "Hands Across The Water"

I have made this commitment to support the Digital Live team in their quest to improve the lives of orphan children in Thailand following the Boxing Day Tsunami in 2004.

The charity “Hands across the water” is an amazing organisation full of people with a burning desire to make positive change in this world and support the orphan Children. They currently support and care for over 350 children, have raised over $25 million since 2005 and are committed to donating 100% of their profits to the children in need.

I certainly acknowledge that our local situation has changed dramatically since making this commitment last year , however I remain totally committed to the charity and the event in Thailand to support the children. I committed to raising $5000 for the charity and to complete the ride visiting the villages and supporting the locals.

To complete this task I have been focusing on my fitness, improving my diet and tuning up my body. I have removed alcohol from my life this year in an effort to find clarity and focus on what’s important. I have decided to complete this extensive ride in order to show my ultimate support for children who do not have the same opportunities as others, the funds created from this program will provide kids with an education, food, healthcare and most importantly, a place to call home. Something so many of us take for granted.

I have worked hard for so many years supporting my family and growing a business, I would now like to extend my efforts to create a closer global community. Rather than embark on this journey alone I have found an organisation full of integrity that I can collaborate with. These people are amazing and give so much. We all have our own reasons and with a combined effort we can achieve so much more.

I understand that many people are requiring assistance due to the bushfires that have ravaged our country. Hardship is apart of our lives and with this in mind, those of you that can support, I am extremely grateful for your generosity.

My team at River are committed to match the donations that are produced from the “digital live ride” charity event to donate to our local RFS in order to play our part in this time of natural devastation. Our hearts go out to those who have lost a part of their life to the fires and to the courageous fire fighters and volunteers that are sacrificing so much for our community. From all of us at River, thank you.

I look forward to supporting both organisations for a better future.

Chris Henry