Tara Jackson

Tara Jackson

I came to know the work of Hands back in 2010 (or perhaps it was 2011...) when my dear friend Claire embarked on the Southern ride to BTN. At the time we all thought she was a little crazy to be riding 800km in 8 days, but also new helping others was just a part of who she is. 

During her fundraising activities she called out "who will join me next time?"... I raised my hand and say "YES!" and in January 2013, after a year of fundraising, and probably not enough training if i'm honest, I headed off on my first Ride to Provide experience. 

And experience it was! A physical, emotional and mental challenge all bottled up with overwhelmingly heart-warming joy and gratitude. 

I finished that ride, a blubbering mess... as I rode into BTN with a bunch of little kids on their bikes and greeted with cheering, songs and dances and a cool towel! I went back to visit BTN in 2015 with my husband and first daughter to cheer on friends on the ride and then my husband Rhys embarked on the ride in 2017, this time I visited with our two little girls who happily played in the home with all the other children.

Every time I hear some of the stories of the kids that Hands supports, my heart breaks and I feel more empowered to be a part of the difference that can be made to these children's lives through the works Hands does. As Peter Baines says:

"we can't help everyone, but we can help someone."

2021, sees the introduction of the Gulf of Thailand ride. Having visited most of the other homes I wanted to be a part of this special ride that will take us to the equally special PAMA house in Chanthaburi. 

I ask you to help me get towards my fundraising goal of $10,000 by donating anything you can, big or small. Every donation is met with equal amounts of gratitude and appreciation for your support in me and this cause. 


Today, Hands Across the Water supports 350+ children living in 7 homes and projects across Thailand. Hands started out addressing the needs of kids who didn't have homes or access to food, clothing and medicine. As the kids have grown and matured, the focus has shifted to education and future employment opportunities. Today, access to new and exciting opportunities for the kids is just as important as a loving home and a belly full of healthy food.

Your donation will help provide a high standard of care, a chance at a better education and a future that they never envisioned.

100% of your donation will go straight to the kids and their communities in Thailand with not one cent spent on administration or marketing.

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