Piyasiri Lambert

Piyasiri Lambert

This is a sincere request to my dear friends and family to consider the family of children at the Hands Across Water “Homes" in Thailand.
The COVID-19 has impacted and devastated many families and communities across the globe.
Most of us in Australia and Thailand are in lock-down and asked to “stay at home”, not go out for morning coffee and not meet friends for lunch or dine at restaurants. We are social distancing, staying safe, spending quality time with family and are grateful that there is some support coming from governments while we resourcefully get through the Coronavirus period. 
As a fund raiser I am social distancing, which gives me very little opportunity to promote a gathering with the intent to raise money to support my Hands ride in January 2022. On that note, I am still planning to ride if the governments allow and the Coronavirus is beaten.
At this time the kids in the Thai homes still need our help, and more than ever, while Hands take additional measures to keep them safe.  Just like us, they are “home” but, as you can imagine, there are many children living together i.e. 350 children across 7 homes in Thailand. They need to be protected from Coronavirus making its way into their environments.  A large number of the kids have special needs or a primary illness (i.e.HIV) requiring absolute care and the utmost protection when you consider COVID-19.
With your donation as big, or as little as it may be, you can help keep the kids safe. 100% of your donation will go straight to the Thai kids supporting them now and also to provide  for additional precautions needed to protect them against infection.  
Listen to Peter Baines, Founder of Hands Across the Water, recently updating us on the charity’s needs at this challenging time: 

Click here to listen to Peter's video
I note here for my Thai friends kindly making a donation that Baht 20 = AUD 1. 
I’d like to thank everyone donating for your kind support to the Hands kids.
Piyasiri Lambert

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