Real Estate Zoomathon

Wed 23rd Feb - Thu 24th Feb

Here’s your opportunity to join Realty Media Group in a world first! Our industry’s “Live Aid” moment. A mammoth push to provide the highest quality real estate training over a 30 hour period. Tune in and out over the 30 hours to watch and listen to your favourite trainers, coaches, and speakers from across the globe.

Over 100 hosts, all industry thought leaders from all over the world will be combining forces to deliver a 30 hour Zoomathon. The 30 hour event spans over 5 countries in an effort to set a record for the longest known online real estate training program and raise funds and awareness for the children’s charity Hands Across the Water.

The impact of Covid 19 has had a dramatic and telling impact on the ability to raise funds to ensure continuity of their work. Hands Across the Water's commitment is long term and involves the funding of education programs that sets kids up for life and brings about significant change not only to the kids but the broader community. The charity has made it this far into Covid without a disruption to the quality of care they provide; they still fund 27 kids via full scholarships through University and are working towards new education centres that will sustain the children and Hands in the long term.

But, without events like this record breaking Zoomathon and the coming together of the Real Estate Industry to support Hands Across the Water in this hugely significant way, there could come a time where the charity is unable to meet these commitments. Together, you can help the children supported by Hands Across the Water sleep a little bit better at night knowing their future in 2022 and beyond will be taken care of.

Join us for the industry’s Live Aid moment, soak up the insights from our incredible hosts and their guests, and together we can all make a difference to these kids.