Renovation Taskforce 2023

Mon 1st May - Sat 6th May
Baan Nam Khem
$850 - $1,240

Hands Renovation Taskforce 2023

Hands Across the Water Renovation Taskforce is Back and this time we mean business, our new business Hands Experiences Thailand, that is.


If you have participated in a Hands Renovation Taskforce before, you know that they can be big projects. This project is a smaller, more targeted project that will have an even bigger impact as it is our first real movement into developing Hands as a social enterprise in Thailand in setting up Hands Experiences Thailand. All you need to know is below!


What is the Project?

The project is converting Baan Nam Kham into the new headquarters for Hands Experiences Thailand.


What is Hands Experiences Thailand?

Hands Experiences Thailand is a new social enterprise to support Thai operations and deliver our unique Hands Across the Water experiences, such as Ride to Provide. With Hands Across the Water’s recent acquisition of charity status in Thailand, Hands Experiences Thailand will follow the model that was established in Australia with the formation of Hands Group, whereas the social enterprise Hands Group supports the administration costs of the charity, allowing donor funds to go directly to the projects themselves. Similarly, with Hands Experiences Thailand, commercial revenue will support the administration costs of Hands’ Foundation in Thailand, allowing us to ensure effective use of donor funds, maintain our charity status by keeping administration costs low, and ultimately build credibility and advocacy for our operations in Thailand through this unique business model.
Read more about Hands Experiences Thailand


What are the tasks?

Jobs will include: setting up bikes, cleaning out rooms, painting, building storage facilities, shopping for required materials for setting the business up and other ad hoc tasks. 


What will be the accommodation?

There are two accommodation options for this project. One is at the Pullman Khao Lak Resort which is down the road from Baan Nam Khem and is a five star resort. The other is at Baan Nam Khem where the work is being done. The rooms at Baan Nam Khem are more modest, but each have their own bathroom and wifi available. When you register you can select which accommodation option you would like to have.

Pricing is as follows:

$1,240 pp for Pullman

$850 pp Baan Nam Khem


What is included in the registration fee?

  • 6 nights accommodation in Baan Nam Khem (3 star rooms as part of the Hands project) or Pullman Hotel (5 star resort)
  • Breakfast, non alcoholic drinks, snacks and lunch at Baan Nam Khem daily
  • Two dinners are covered in your fee (alcohol not included) - dinner on the first and final night. There will be options for group dinners that will be at your own expense. This is typically between $10 and $20 per person depending on location and alcohol
  • Daily transport to and from the work site (where required)
  • Hands Across the Water shirt

Do I need to book my own travel?

Yes. All registrants are responsible for their own flights and airport transfers to the hotel accommodation they've selected.

We recommend booking your flight to arrive no later than Sunday 30th of April, so that you are ready to start work on Monday 1st May. Accommodation is included on Sunday night. The program finishes on Friday 5th May, so you can travel home on Saturday 6th May.

If you would like to extend your stay either before or after the program, you are able to do so at your own expense. Please let us know once you have registered if you would like to extend your accommodation either side.