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If You Want A Fun And Rewarding Activity That Supports Children In Need, This Is For You!

At Hands, we believe everyone deserves a life of choice, not chance. That's why you're able to choose your own challenge! The "Hands Hero 24 Hour Challenge" is about pushing yourself whilst raising funds and awareness for vulnerable children. 

The Goal

We have 350 children in our care, so the fundraising target is $350. This means every $1 you raise will help 1 child! If you're worried about reaching $350 don't worry. Not only is there no minimum, we have a lot of resources to help you raise more than you thought possible!

The Challenge

As an individual, you're able to choose your own challenge that spans over 24 hours. Some of the challenges also represent what it's like for these underprivileged kids in Thailand who have to go without food, shelter or family.

Don't worry if you can't decide yet, you can still register and nominate your challenge later. Also, if you have something in mind that isn't on the list, you can do that too! These are just the most popular options.


No food for 24 hours straight (water allowed).


No sleep for 24 hours straight.


No power, internet or devices for 24 hours. 


No indoor shelter for 24 hours (camping is okay!)


No speaking for 24 hours. 


24 hours of continuous exercise, or be in a gym for 24 hours straight.

Doing it as a group?

You don't have to do it alone! You can do it as a group with friends, colleagues or a family. Just pick the challenge you want to do as group — if you're a family with 3 young kids, the NO POWER challenge is a good one!

Getting support.

If you're worried about not raising enough, don't worry! We have all the resources you need, along with a Facebook community where you can share your challenge with others full of accountability, encouragement and celebration to get you through.

How to get started.

Up for the challenge? Simply register via the link below, nominate your Challenge and set up your fundraising page to kickstart your journey. We also have apparel for you to rock! The cut-off date to receive apparel delivery in June is 14th May 2021. Any orders after this time will still be processed but we can't guarantee delivery prior to your Challenge date.

Fees and Fundraising

Registration Is FREE!

Registration is FREE


The fundraising target is $350 — one dollar for every child in our care. This means every $1 you raise will help 1 child!

There is no minimum so if you're concerned about reaching $350 don't worry! We have a ton of resources to help you.

And if you hit your target of $350, keep going! Every dollar makes a difference and can be used to buy food, school supplies, sponsor children to go to university and so much more.

If you're working together as a team, aim to raise $350 per person!

Event Merchandise

We have listened to the feedback from previous fundraisers and we have created some fantastic merchandise that you can wear with pride to celebrate your achievement. The cut-off date to receive apparel delivery in June is 14th May 2021. Any orders after this time will still be processed but we can't guarantee delivery prior to your Challenge date.



What is the Cost ?

None! Registration is free, meaning you and your friends can sign up easily!

How much do I need to raise?

Whilst there is no minimum, the initial target is to raise $350 which is $1 for every child in our care. If you can raise more, that's great! These donations are used to provide basic necessities, healthcare and education for the kids. And most importantly, you are providing them with a life of choice!

What is the best way to start my fundraising?

Below are our top 3 tips to get your fundraising dial off zero: 

  1. Your online fundraising page is the most simple and effective way to kick start your fundraising. Update your page with your profile image, a story about why you are fundraising and share directly from your page to kick start those dollars coming in. 
  2. Make a personal donation to your fundraising page. This can help set the tone for your supporters and show your commitment to your experience.  
  3. Download our fundraising guide that includes tips and tricks for planning events, auctions and raffles to help you raise your funds. 

If you need support please reach out to the team at

So... are you up for the challenge?

Secure your place today via deposit using the checkout below. You'll be talking about this experience for years to come!