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Ditch the lockdown blues and get active this spring!  

Whether you are climbing the walls in lockdown or ready to shed some of those winter (ok covid) kilos, you've come to the right place! 

We won't sugar coat it, 2021 has been an incredibly tough year. We have watched Thailand suffer through it's worst outbreak to date; there are children losing their parents and families to covid, the impacts of the pandemic will be significantly larger than that of the Tsunami, in coming months and years, our services and need for support will increase tenfold.

Closer to home, in Australia, we have witnessed our highest covid numbers since the pandemic began; we can see and feel our community struggling. Struggling to home school their kids, missing friends and family, and in some cases confined to 5km within their own neighbourhood. 

There will be brighter days ahead

We can't control the numbers, we can't control the lockdowns, we certainly can't control the situation in Thailand.

But we can control how we show up; today, tomorrow, and the weeks to come. 

So here's what we are going to do to shift our mindset, get moving, and shake off those winter/lockdown blues. 

The Goal

It costs our homes $100k per month to provide the food, shelter, clothing and education that our 350 children need.

Therefore, during the month of September, our goal is to raise $100k. 

There are no fundraising targets, you set your own target and we will be grateful for all that you do. Not only is there no minimum fundraising requirement, we have a lot of resources to help you raise more than you thought possible!

The Challenge

Run, walk or cycle 100km in September. (100k for 100k has a nice ring to it don't you think?)

Whether you are in lockdown or not, lacking fitness or the fittest you have ever been, you decide when and how you complete your 100km in September. 

Every kilometre you clock, every dollar you raise, will take us closer to achieving our 100k fundraising goal. 

You can take on the 100k Challenge by yourself, with your family, or get together as a virtual team with your work or community sport teams. It is super easy to set up your team page and track your fundraising and distance goals through the month of September. 

The Challenge is FREE to join and you nominate your own fundraising goal. Whether you set $1 for every km you run, or go big and set yourself a blue sky goal, every dollar makes a difference.  

Join the 100km Club 

We have some pretty exciting activities and support lined up to keep you accountable to your goals, give you a sense of belonging, and importantly bring some much needed laughter and sunshine to your day. Some of the activities we have lined up include:

  • Hands Hero 100km Challenge Spotify playlist - built by you, for you, this playlist will help get you through 
  • Hands Hero podcast - if you are more of a podcast while you pound the pavement then this is for you. You told us that you loved the interviews last year with our Virtual Ride, so we will be bringing you some incredible stories to motivate you to achieve your goals in September. Available only to our 100km Club, you will get exclusive access to these inspiring conversations. 
  • 100km Club Trivia Night - Wednesday 15th September... lock it in. Trivia night with the 100km Club! 
  • End of week community check in on our Facebook page - you can join us live for a chat every Sunday. 
  • Scavenger hunt resource tools to get the kids - and even the bigger kids aka adults - involved. 
  • Competitions... more on those to come!  

How to get started.

Up for the challenge? Simply register via the link below and set up your fundraising page to kickstart your journey. We will guide you through connecting your fitness apps and devices so that you can track your distance as well as your fundraising. It's super easy. 

If you are in NZ, you can now raise funds for Hands in NZD and claim the tax deduction at the end of the year. Simply register through the NZ Registrations below to participate.

NZ Registrations

Fees and Fundraising

Registration Is FREE!


Our  community goal is to raise $100,000. 

There is no minimum, you set a goal that works for you. We have a ton of resources to help you.

Every dollar makes a difference and can be used to buy food, school supplies, sponsor children to go to university and so much more.





What is the Cost ?

None! Registration is free, meaning you and your friends can sign up easily!

How much do I need to raise?

There is no minimum fundraising requirement. You set your own goal. These donations are used to provide basic necessities, healthcare and education for the kids. 

What is the best way to start my fundraising?

Below are our top 3 tips to get your fundraising dial off zero: 

  1. Your online fundraising page is the most simple and effective way to kick start your fundraising. Update your page with your profile image, a story about why you are fundraising and share directly from your page to kick start those dollars coming in. 
  2. Make a personal donation to your fundraising page. This can help set the tone for your supporters and show your commitment to your experience.  
  3. Download our fundraising guide that includes tips and tricks for planning events, auctions and raffles to help you raise your funds. 

If you need support please reach out to the team at

So... are you up for the challenge?

Secure your place today via deposit using the checkout below. You'll be talking about this experience for years to come!