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In 2013 Dale Beaumont, Founder of Business Blueprint, joined us on our 800km Ride to Provide from Bangkok to Khao Lak in the south of Thailand. It was on this ride that Dale had a light bulb moment that the rides would be a great way to bring small business owners and entrepreneurs from his community together to achieve something pretty extraordinary and build lasting relationships together.

In 2014 the Business Blueprint Ride was born.
Fast forward to 2023 and this passionate and committed community have raised over $2 million for Hands and have seen over 300+ riders take on the challenge of cycling 500km through Thailand. It hasn’t come without its challenges, and Covid-19 certainly put a dent in their momentum, but this is a group of people that will never give up!

In 2024, the Business Blueprint ride will return to Baan Tharn Namchai by cycling from Hua Hin down to the east coast and across Khao Sok National Park to Khao Lak. This beautiful ride is a mix of coastal towns, lush plantations, and picturesque national park. The final day of cycling is a memorable one as the group makes one final climb before enjoying a spectacular downhill run to Baan Tharn Namchai where the kids will be waiting excitedly to greet you and show you exactly how important your fundraised dollars are – not just for sustaining them, but for deeply enriching their lives.

It's an experience you have to experience to get a true understanding of the impact that the ride will have both on yours and the children’s lives.


Hua Hin to Khao Lak


16th - 21st April 2024


500km in 5 days


60 amazing humans

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If you are in NZ, you can now raise funds for Hands in NZD and claim the tax deduction at the end of the year. Simply register through the NZ Registrations below to participate.



Day 1

13th April

Suggested Itinerary: Travel to Bangkok

You will be responsible for your own flights, airport transfers and accommodation.

Recommended accommodation: Novotel Sukhumvit 20

Day 2

14th April

Option 1: Songkran
Songkran is the Thai New Year's national holiday. If you want to tick off Songkran water festival from your Thailand bucket list then this is your chance.

Option 2: Travel to Bangkok
You will be responsible for your own flights, airport transfers and accommodation.
Recommended accommodation: Novotel Sukhumvit 20

Day 3

15th April

Travel day to Hua Hin

We will organise your bus transfer to get you on your way to the starting line of your ride. We will meet in the hotel lobby and depart Novotel Sukhumvit 20 in the morning. Once we arrive in Hua Hin we will check into the hotel and do your bike fittings in the afternoon.

Day 4

16th April

Today our adventure begins in the coastal town of Hua Hin. We follow the coastline and visit some wonderful temples as we make our way down to our first hotel. 

Hua Hin to Kuiburi (~80km)

Day 5

17th April

More coastal riding as we make our way to the sleepy town of Baan Grood. There’s a short temple climb today but we promise the most beautiful views at the top. 

Kuiburi to Baan Grood (~107.4km)

Day 6

18th April

    Our ride into the rest day covers a few rolling undulations and some highway stretches but this is all broken up with some village water stops, jungle riding and of course the beautiful Thai people.

    Baan Grood to Chumphon (~129km)

    Day 7

    19th April

    Rest day is spent in a beautiful beach town where you can swim in the ocean, take long walks on the beach and enjoy a Pirate Burger up the road from the hotel. You will transfer by bus to Surat Thani for the final stages of the ride.

    Day 8

    20th April

    One of our favourite days on tour, this is a stunning ride to Ratchaprapha Dam before heading into Khao Sok National Park for a cave visit and beautiful hotel stay.

    Surat Thani to Khao Sok (~106 km)

    Day 9

    21st April

    The day you have all been waiting for, the final uphill and downhill to Baan Tharn Namchai where you will meet the kids that you have been riding for.

    Khao Sok to Khao Lak - Baan Tharn Namchai (~57km)

    Day 10

    22nd April

    It’s time to head home or travel across to Cebu for the Business Blueprint Conference. You will be responsible for your own flights and airport transfers to your next destination.

    What Previous Riders Say

    The annual Ride to Provide experience is consistently ranked 10/10 by all our riders year after year! More often than not the experience exceeds our riders expectations. It's this amazing feedback which drives us at Hands to continue to deliver amazing shared experiences which deliver benefit to both the riders and their communities and the children in our homes. 

    Fees and Fundraising


    7 Nights Twin Share Accommodation

    15th – 21st of April 2024 inclusive

    Hotels will be modest in their offering and often in remote areas. WiFi can be a little hit and miss in some areas.



    Your registration includes a hybrid bike which is a flat bar bicycle with tyres that are thinner than a mountain bike and thicker than a road bike. If you’d like some extra support for the ride, we have limited e-bikes available for an additional charge. 


    Meals and
    Ground Transfers

    All meals excluding lunch on the rest day are covered in your registration. Our team on the ground takes care of breakfast, lunch and dinner on the rides and provides plenty of sustenance throughout the day at the water stops.


    Cycling Kit

    Your registration includes a customised cycling jersey. You will have the opportunity to order additional kit if you choose. You will receive a sizing chart in coming months to help you order the right size kit for the tour.


    Training Shirt

    Your welcome pack will include a training shirt for you to wear in the lead up to the ride. We also recommend bringing this to Thailand as the light material is perfect for Thailand heat.


    Support crew and bike mechanics

    We only work with the best and you will get to meet some of the nicest Thai people and support crew that you will have ever met. Nothing is too much trouble as long as you bring your manners. Our bike mechanics keep everything running tip top during your tour in Thailand.


    Individual Fundraising

    During the registration process, you will be prompted to set up your fundraising page. You can update this page with your story and share your unique link to start raising funds. The team at Hands are here to support you with ideas so don’t be afraid to ask for help.



    You will receive a training program that will help prep you for your 500km journey. The key to your training will be time in the saddle as opposed to km’s ridden so even if the weather turns poor, you can get to the local gym or spin class to clock up your hours on the bike. We also have a great series of videos if you are new to cycling or looking for some additional training tips.


    TOUR COST: AU$2,895*

    Your tour cost includes everything that we have outlined above. It does not include International Travel and any additional accommodation or airport transfers that you are responsible for.

    You can pay in full or choose to make regular monthly payments for 6 months.

    There is a $500 non refundable deposit included in the tour cost. Your place will not be secure on the ride until we receive full or partial payment.

    **E bikes are available for this ride at an additional cost - rates upon registration.



    Your ride registration includes twin share accommodation for the duration of the ride. If you elect to room with a friend, partner, or family member at the point of registration, this will be factored in when we do the room allocations. If you are a solo traveller, we will partner you up with another solo partner of the same gender.

    If you do wish to have your own room, there are limited single supplements available at a cost. Allocation of single rooms will be based on a first in first served basis due to availability at the hotels.

    You can reserve a single room today for $100 deposit and we will contact you closer to the ride once the numbers and room availability is confirmed.




    We have Hands travel bags that are compulsory for the trip. There is very limited space for luggage on these tours so the bags not only make packing the truck each day more efficient, but they are roomy enough to cover you for your ride and any time pre/post ride. We have not included them in the tour price as many of our return riders already have these bags. If you are new to the experience, please jump on and get a bag. Use the discount code BLUEPRINT to purchase your bag for $100 (that’s a $59.95 saving).



    If you are in NZ, you can now raise funds for Hands in NZD and claim the tax deduction at the end of the year. Simply register through the NZ Registrations below to participate.




    Fundraising can be a little bit daunting but it needn’t be. You see… great fundraisers aren’t born. They are made. Anyone can become a great fundraiser by simply getting out there, sharing their story and implementing some fantastic initiatives to bring in the funds.

    You are required to raise a minimum of $5,000 to participate in the bike ride. It might seem like a lot but we are here to help you every step of the way. We’ve got some great ideas below or check out our Resources Page to download our fundraising guide.

    Your own fundraising page

    Selling or purchasing ticket packages to Future of Leadership

    A personal donation

    Holding your own event

    Selling raffle tickets


    What is the Cost ?

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    In addition to the tour costs ($2895) you will need to arrange international flights to and from Bangkok, Thailand. To register you can either pay in full or choose the 6 month payment plan.

    To participate, it is a requirement to raise AU$5,000

    Cancellation Policy:

    Cancellation greater than 3 months out from the ride: $500 + any costs already paid 

    Cancellation 3 months out: 50% of total registration fee 

    Cancellation 2 months out: 75% of total registration fee

    Cancellation 1 month out: 100% of total registration fee

    Is Fundraising Compulsory ?

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    Yes. By fundraising a minimum of $5,000 for your ride experience, you provide 350 children in our care with access to basic necessities, healthcare and education. Importantly, you are providing them with a life of choice.

    What is the best way to start my fundraising?

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    Getting started can be a bit daunting at first; we always say the first $1,000 is the hardest and then it gets easier. Below are our top 3 tips to get your fundraising dial off zero: 

    1. Your online fundraising page is the most simple and effective way to kick start your fundraising. Update your page with your profile image, a story about why you are fundraising and share directly from your page to kick start those dollars coming in. 
    2. Make a personal donation to your fundraising page. This can help set the tone for your supporters and show your commitment to your experience.  
    3. Download our fundraising guide that includes tips and tricks for planning events, auctions and raffles to help you raise your funds. 

    If you need support please reach out to the team at

    So... are you up for the challenge?

    With places strictly limited to 60 people, this amazing once in a lifetime experience is not to be missed.

    Secure your place today via deposit using the checkout below. You'll be talking about this experience for years to come!