Date Founded

July 19, 1987

Story of the beginning

One of the homes that we started supporting six years ago is a little drop of humanity called Baan Home Hug. This home has a long history that dates back to 1987. After spending 10 years doing social work and providing support to children in Kanchanburi and Bangkok, Home Director Suthasinee Noi-in (Mae Thiew) relocated to Yasothon when she started to notice the increase in suffering of HIV/AIDS-afflicted children. Being one of the poorest areas in the country, she saw a need to do something to support these children who were often left without family.  

Although she established it in 1987, it took Mae Thiew more than ten years to turn what was once a makeshift shelter into a properly run orphanage in Yasothon province, in northeastern Thailand.

Baan Home Hug is home to 130 children today, many of whom have HIV and either do not know or have no connect with their parents.  Many of the kids who without Baan Home Hug would not be alive today, were given up, left on a door step by those that should have cared the most, their parents. In March 2012, a second home was built out at Surin as an extension of the Yasothon family, providing a home for children during the week who are unable to attend schools in Yasothon due to their medical conditions and the stigma attached to the children from Home Hug. 


Buddhist nun Suthasinee Noi-in

Number of Children

130 children included some children in the communities through an outreach program set up to keep children in their families while still providing the support they need. 

How Hands has helped

Hands Across the Water provides 100% of operating costs for Baan Home Hug. The support covers all aspects of physcial, mental, health, education, food, medicine, clothing and activities. Since Hands stepped in to support in 2010, not one child has died.