As the cool season set in Baan Home Hug has a strong focus at the moment on teaching all their kids about their personal health care to ensure they are strong and take care of themselves to be able to go to school and be healthy. This includes exercising and taking medication on time. The changing of season can be an issue for all the children, and this is a way the home works towards illness prevention during this season.


Self-sufficient agriculture is an incredibly important life skill for the children to learn to not only nourish them when they become adults but also to generate income from surplus. Farming – raising cows, chicken, fish and growing vegetables – is a way of life of children at Baan Hom Hug. It’s a good time of the year for preparing vegetables so the children help to create vegetable plots and sow seeds to ready for a new harvest.

In addition to raising cows, Baan Home Hug has two fishponds and currently digging a third pond at Panya Sirisuksawat Farm which will be used to teach the children. These ponds contain mostly catfish and cichlids. Every three months they are caught for cooking for the kids. They love them grilled and eaten with spicy papaya salad.


They also make fermented fish chilli paste with fresh vegetables grown in the garden, make fish-wrapped with vegetables and dried fish for food to take camping or when travelling to the villages in the hills.

In November the Renovation Task Force group came to build a kitchen at Surin. The children want to join in the construction work but school beckoned and it was to be for after school activities that some could join in. The Task Force group work hard together to build a new kitchen for the Sikhoraphum children in Surin. Now they have a beautiful kitchen that is clean, hygienic and frequently used by the children when learning to prepare meals.

The children also welcomed all the riders from the 2020 Ride to Provide who came to visit on 12nd of January 2020. They excitedly prepared the home to welcome and greet all the visitors and to celebrate the final day of the ride.

Now the focus has turned to the children completing their end of school year exams. They all understand the importance of their education to providing them a life of choice and are working hard to get good results so they can move up to the next school level.