Sue's involvement with Hands was firmly planted in 2009 when she concluded a six month sabbatical with her husband with 11 weeks volunteering at Baan Tharn Namchai. The bonds we formed with the kids and staff were such that they became family and they both wanted in some way to continue to contribute to their lives. Bike rides, task force, fashion parades, New Zealand Nights of Celebration and and hosting students in New Zealand while they study English language have all formed part of this contribution. The development and growth of our commercial sewing room and craft shop, and now the launch of the Hands Designs initiative, continues to be exciting and a key focus for Sue, working daily with our Thai based Manager and team.

Thailand is now a home away from home, home being Wellington where the focus is on family, friends and consulting in recruitment and career development.

Passion for the work we do is easy when you see great results (and smiling kids). Results speak for themselves and witnessing first hand the positive impacts Hands makes to the lives of the kids and their communities, and now seeing many of these kids grow into proud young adults is everything.

Morning Beverage of Choice

Hot water with a chunk of freshly picked lemon… quickly followed by a black coffee

Favourite Hands Experience 

Track back to 2009 volunteering for 3 months and living on site at BTN, fully immersed with the kids, staff and community.

Favourite Quote

“Trust the Process”

Favourite Concert 

General Admission tickets, that ended up being centre front row only a few metres from Mr Leonard Cohen  

Weekend Whereabouts 

Beach village life in Paekakariki on the North Island of NZs Kapit Coast

Favourite Day of the Year 

Has to be Christmas Day with family, fun, fantastic food ….