Sam is extremely passionate about all things events, especially when it comes to Hands Across the Water experiences. She was once an audience member at Future of Leadership and fell in love with the Hands story. A couple of years later, opportunity presented itself and she became part of the Hands team - to which she describes as serendipitous.

Sam studied to become a journalist but after graduating she was given an opportunity to work with the events team at Parramatta City Council. Having experienced the adrenalin and satisfaction that comes with managing events – she was hooked and there was no turning back.

Having worked across many not-for-profit organisations, she describes that there is nothing more rewarding than working for this company. Being able to see the impact we have on children’s lives and giving them a life of choice is something that cannot be taken for granted. It is worth every sleepless night before a big event!

Favourite Holiday Destination


Favourite Quote

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says “I’m possible’!

Weekend Whereabouts

Enjoying my local town of Camden.

What I wanted to be when I grow up

A Journalist

Favourite animal

To be specific – “Boo the Cutest Dog in the World”. Google him!

Favourite Day of the Year

My wedding anniversary – it reminds me of one of the best days of my life.