Please follow the advice from your government for specific restrictions around the number of guests and social distancing. In order to create a clean, safe, yet fun environment we also recommend the following:

  1. Ensure there’s hand soap and hand sanitiser available in your bathroom for guests. You could also have some hand sanitizer handy at the table or in the kitchen. 
  2. Reconsider shared plates and give each person their own separate plate of food and serving utensils. If you have opted for a share style meal such as Thai, Italian, then we recommend serving from the kitchen and asking people to dish up their own meal. 
  3. Allow plenty of room between people at the dinner table and in the area where you are hosting your meal. 
  4. Tie different coloured ribbon around the stems of wine glasses to help people identify their own glass. You could have a bit of fun with this by creating personalised tags. 
  5. Most importantly, if any of your guests are unwell and/or displaying flu like symptoms please ask them to stay home.