Grant Morse is the General Manager of a retail chain in New Zealand called Storage Box. Grant first became aware of the Hands Across the Water charity in 2011 when he attended a conference in Fiji where Peter Baines was the Keynote Speaker.  

His involvement with Hands Across the Water commenced in 2012 when NZ held the very first Night of Celebration Charity Ball in Auckland. He has been involved in the organising and running of this annual event ever since.

Although not a cyclist, in 2016 Grant rode in the first ever all New Zealand team when a corporate group went over to Thailand and completed a 500Km / 5 Day Bike ride. He loved every minute of that ride and the total experience.

Grant became a Board Member of Hands Across the Water New Zealand in 2017 and is very passionate about this great charity particularly after personally experiencing the work that has been completed in the homes in Thailand during the 2016 bike ride.

He is a ‘motor racing nut’ who loves all forms of car racing and race a speedway midget for a bit of fun which my wife describes as a midlife crisis!