On 2nd August, Victoria declared a second Stage 4 lockdown for metropolitan Melbourne and further Stage 3 Stay Home restrictions for Regional Victoria as a result of community spread covid-19. We recognise that this will be a hard time for many as small businesses won’t survive the shutdown, parents will have to tackle homeschooling again, and individuals face dire challenges as unemployment rises and the economy takes a massive dive.

At Hands, we have been able to stay hopeful and seek out the silver linings thanks to the incredible strength of our community and for that we are so grateful.  Now, it’s time to turn the tables and gather up the support from our community and put it back into Victoria as they face this next challenge.

We want to find a way to wrap our arms around our friends facing this second lockdown to demonstrate that we stand with them and that we are #allinthistogether.

We want to provide hope, inspiration and some joy in what will be a challenging 6 weeks.

We want to find a way for the entire Hands community to stand strong with Victoria to lift them up and support their mental health.

We’d love for you to join us as we #runwithvictoria over August and September.

We created not one, but two Virtual Challenges, that will run for a 30 day period. Our Challenges are for adults and kids so you can all get involved and share the experience together. 


Run with Victoria 30 Day Challenge

Run or walk 150km in 30 days - that's just 5km a day!

We'll be taking on the Great Ocean Road starting in the beautiful beachside town of Lorne and finishing up at The Grotto just outside of Port Campbell. 

Through the My Virtual Mission platform, you will be able to sync your fitness apps, track your progress and the really cool part is you will be able to jump into street view on the map to see exactly where you are on the Great Ocean Road. 



Run with Victoria Kids Challenge

We recognise that it will not only be the adults in our community but the children in our community who will experience low moments over the coming weeks so we have put together a fun interactive kids challenge to run side by side with the main challenge. 

The Challenge: run or walk 50km in 30 days! 

We'll be venturing down the Great Ocean Road visiting some of the key landmarks such as Twelve Apostles, London Arch and The Grotto. 

There will be a fun worksheet to download so that your children can learn the history of the landmarks as they make their way down the road. This is a fantastic opportunity for your kids to support the kids of Victoria as they head back into lockdown and are unable to see their friends. 



Booking for this event has now closed.