The leadership and management needs of organisations are changing faster today than ever before. The business world is becoming more sophisticated and complex, automation is on the rise, and the failure to innovate is resulting in bankruptcies and business closures. In addition to these challenges, as Millennials enter the workforce and the last of the Baby Boomers head towards retirement, we are going to see an increasing gap in leadership if we don’t focus on succession planning and the development of our future leaders. 

But here’s the thing, in the digital era that we are in, many roles that exist today won’t be there in the future and on the other side of that coin new roles that are not even on our radar will emerge. So how do we even begin to plan for that?

Much of what we need in the future will come from refining and adapting skills that are already part of best leadership practise, therefore it is important that we invest in continuous learning for our people. We should start treating leadership development as a journey rather than a one off program or coaching course. Everywhere we look there are resources available that can help us map out that journey - executive coaching, mentors, books, white papers, podcasts, conferences, webinars, and the list goes on. In today's fast paced world where busy is the new normal and we need to constantly evolve and adapt to change, how do we know what the best path is to take. What can our leadership journey look like so that we can achieve greater success, be a leader that we would want to follow, and importantly look after our health and our families?

There is no right or wrong path but here’s where I think I can help. Every year I get enjoyment (and learnings) out of creating the Future of Leadership - a one day leadership event that can add immense value to any leadership development journey. The event is not a set coaching course or leadership program, it is not a journey in its current format, instead it is a collection of ideas and insights brought into one amazing one day event that will challenge your thinking around leadership and the future of work. Let's call it an incubator, a place where great ideas are shared, and equally amazing ideas are born. It's 9 speakers - on our metro stage - sharing their best material to challenge and inspire the way you approach leadership in your organisation, in your teams, and in your personal life. It's one day that I think should be part of your leadership development calendar.

Our 2019 delegates will gain invaluable insight into the innovative thinking, visionary ideas and personal triumphs of some of Australia’s best speakers. From social research to behavioural science, fitness & wellbeing, social change and thriving in the digital age, our 2019 line up is going to provide lessons, insights and energy which attendees can apply to their own leadership journeys. We don't just invite any speaker to the Future of Leadership stage, we invite the best!

Future of Leadership started as a one day event in 2013 and in 2019 the roadshow will visit seven locations across 3 different countries with a combined audience of over 2,000 people. The annual roadshow is an initiative of Hands Group, a social enterprise set up to support the operation of the charity Hands Across the Water. At Hands Group we believe the best way we can generate income is by doing what we do best - creating meaningful shared experiences that add value for everyone involved. 

Future of Leadership will help people learn from failures, effectively navigate change, see things from a different perspective, persevere during times of adversity, and build strong relationships. If this sounds like the direction your organisation would like to head, then I would absolutely love for FOL2019 to be part of your leadership development journey. 

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