This month marks a landmark moment for Hands as we bring together the many parts of our organisation into one entity, one family, one group.

Hands Group combines our social enterprise, that up until now has been referred to as PTY, with the wonderful charity that is Hands Across The Water. The purpose of both remains the same – a dedication to improving the lives of underprivileged children in Thailand.

The best way we can do this is by raising funds through creating meaningful shared experiences – in essence we Share the Good.

Through Hands Group we will encourage individual growth, corporate performance and a global contribution.

Through our development experiences such as the Future of Leadership Series and the Social Venture Program we will share the good thinking, innovation and leadership.

Through our adventure experiences such as the bike rides and the trek we will share the good times, moments and achievements.

And ultimately, through our charity Hands across the Water we will share the good possibilities, education and future prospects for the children.

Hands Group brings together everything that Hands does to support the children and their communities in Thailand.

Moving forward you will see an increased level of sophistication that represents the offerings we have to those of you who are part of our Hands community.

Through Hands Group we will enter new markets that will build stronger communities through shared experiences, which in turn allows us to create greater opportunities for those we support in Thailand.

Hands Group is not just about a new logo and name – it is so much more. It is about new opportunities and new possibilities. As a charity we have made a huge difference in the lives of hundreds of children, but as a group we can grow to help far, far more. Hands Group is about saying “Yes” to helping more children, enriching that level of care and saying we recognise the challenges, but we’re up for it.

In launching the Hands Group the commitment from us to you, from the Hands Group to you, is that what makes up the very fabric of our DNA, our relentless efforts to improve the lives of the children and grow stronger communities remains the same. That will not change. We’ve come too far to lose sight of what is most important to all of us and to you – the children.

Hands Group does not replace the charity Hands Across the Water that you have grown to love – we still love it too. We are not replacing it, we are strengthening it, supporting it, and growing our offering.

We look forward to taking this next exciting step in the Hands journey with you.